COVID-19 Now in Highland County

The Highland County Health Department and the Highland County Emergency Operations Center reported Highland County’s first case of COVID-19 Coronavirus Monday, March 23rd. The case is a female in her 60’s, and is recovering well at home. Highland joins the 40 other counties in Ohio in having confirmed COVID-19 cases in their communities.

The current case is not associated with travel outside of the state, and has no known ties to other COVID-19 cases. This is an example of community acquired Coronavirus COVID-19, which indicates that other unknown cases are in Highland County.

The Highland County EOC has been working with community partners, government agencies, state and federal responders, and to prepare the community for the potential impact of a Coronavirus outbreak.

Moving forward, the Highland County Emergency Operations Center asks that people please continue to self-quarantine and self-monitor if they develop symptoms. Only go to the local emergency department if you develop symptoms you can’t manage on your own. Please remember to call any health care professional ahead of time for instructions and advice before proceeding to their office or the emergency department at the hospital. Should you have questions or want general information about the virus, call 1-833-4 ASK ODH.

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