Prosecutor Urges More Work To Keep Teens From Drugs

The Highland County Prosecutor says teenagers need to be the number one priority in the effort to tackle the drug addiction epidemic. Prosecutor Anneka Collins said in a recent interview with iHeart Media's Will Parr that teens in her county are "going crazy", getting involved in "serious crimes that have involved weapons" in many instances.

She says teens need more discipline, and that "starts at home with their parents". 

Collins added that efforts to address the drug epidemic in rural areas is unique to those being seen in metropolitan areas. New state laws ordering assessments for treatment before being charged with a crime doesn't work in the rural areas because there are not enough local treatment centers. Collins says here, the only way to get addicts treatment in many cases is to charge them with a crime first- in order to get them into treatment.

To hear Anneka Collins recent interview with Will Parr, go to our podcast link below...

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