Boards of DD to Reach Milestone

The Highland County Board of Developmental Disabilities offers a variety of services, including early interventions for ages birth to 3. 

"All the research says the earlier we work with a child and we work with a family, the better chance they're going to have later in life so that they're not stuck in a developmental stage," said Kraig Walker, with Highland County DD. 

Walker said they offer a variety of services ranging from the Help Me Grow program to play groups to connect parents with resources for early intervention.

According to Walker, the Highland County Board of DD, as well as all other Boards of DD from around the state, will be reaching a milestone.

"They're going to be celebrating the 50th anniversary of what's called the 169 Boards," said Walker, "and that was the House Bill 169 that created the County Board System."

Walker said there is a misconception that Boards of DD have been around for much longer than 50 years.

"That's because in Highland County, in the early '60s, there was a group of parents that got together and these parents said, 'We don't want our kids to just have to stay home,' because there was a lot of kids that were not allowed to go to public schools."

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