Artist Seeking Old Barns in Area Again

(Pump House Center for the Arts, Chillicothe) -- Dr. Robert Kroeger, Cincinnati artist and author, will be revisiting Ross County in search of old barns and their compelling stories. Most of Kroeger’s paintings go into fundraisers for historical societies and museums - as do sales of his books "Historic Barns of Ohio," published by The History Press/Arcadia, and "Round Barns of America," published by Acclaim Press.

With an overwhelming reception for his books - and with many more barn stories still to share - Dr. Kroeger keeps looking for fascinating tales of old barns for inclusion into his second Ohio historic barn book. “I try to capture a barn and its story before they’re gone,” Kroeger said. “I like stories that illustrate the lives of these hardy pioneers.”

If any barn owner feels that his or her old barn is photogenic and has a good history behind it, he or she is encouraged to contact John Payne, barn scout, at phone 740-703-6514 or via email at

If a barn is selected to be in the Ohio Barn Project, Dr. Kroeger and John will arrange to meet the owner, if possible, and take photos of the barn. The visit typically takes about 30 minutes. Dr. Kroeger always protects the privacy of the owner; only the county is mentioned - no directions or addresses.

Kroeger’s essays and barn paintings can be seen on Weebly.

"Historic Barns of Ohio" by Dr. Robert Kroeger

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