New Faces & Promotions at the Waverly Police Department

Waverly Council members made an official motion June 1st, 2021 to appoint Lieutenant John Winfield as Waverly Police Department’s Interim Chief. After that motion, Interim Chief Winfield made a few changes with Waverly Council.

(Above: John Winfield, right, is appointed as the Waverly Police Department’s Interim Chief)

Officer Derrick Adkins was promoted to Sergeant. Sergeant Adkins will be the direct supervisor of second shift. He will also educate staff about regulatory changes, correct reports, maintain logs, and ensure the upkeep of departmental records. Sergeants Adkins has been with the Waverly Police Department since 2019.

Tyler Hopkins was hired as a Full-Time Officer. Officer Hopkins has graduated from his academy at the Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical School and has passed his Ohio State Test. This hire was considered In-House as he was working as a Waverly Police Department Dispatcher. Officer Hopkins will be trained by Sergeant Adkins.

(Above: L to R, Interim Chief John Winfield, Officer Tyler Hopkins and Waverly Mayor Greg Kempton)

Isaiah Robinson was hired as a Part-Time Dispatcher. Isaiah has graduated from Pike County CTC Public Safety program. Isaiah’s goal is to join an academy and become a Peace Officer at the Waverly Police Department. Until then, Isaiah will be the calm voice in the time of need.

(Above: L to R, Interim Chief John Winfield, Dispatcher Isaiah Robinson and Waverly Mayor Greg Kempton)

With all the excitement of promotions and new hires, Interim Chief Winfield also requested the hire of Lexipol to create a new Policy and Procedure manual. With current events happening in our nation, the Waverly Police Department needs to adopt a more current Policy & Procedure Manual. This will further educate officers and protect citizens. Accountability will be without question and reduce the risk of lawsuits.

Lexipol is a company for Law Enforcement that is able to complete a Policy Manual and customize it to the Waverly Police Department. The manual will be updated by Lexipol in real time to keep the Waverly Police Department within state and federal mandates. This company also provides monthly training on the manual put in place. This keeps officers educated and up-to-date on Policy & Procedure.

The motion to hire Lexipol was also passed by Waverly Council, Tuesday, June 1st, 2021.