Hillsboro FFA Annual Chapter Banquet

Past and Present Hillsboro FFA Members Recognized for Degrees at Hillsboro FFA Banquet

On March 28, 2021, the Hillsboro FFA held the annual Chapter Banquet. Members were recognized for their hard work and dedication, and some were recognized for getting their State Degree. The State FFA Degree is awarded to students who have earned at least $2500 from their SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience), have been enrolled in an Ag class for at least two years, have at least 25 hours worth of community service, and hold at least a Chapter Degree. Receiving the State Degree is a huge success, and proves just how dedicated students are in the FFA.

The 2021 State Degree Recipients were: Brayden Cochran, Emma Hatfield, Clara Page, Mallory Parsons, Griffin Puckett, and Riley Stratton.

Another group recognized at the banquet were the 2020 State Degree Recipients. Because of COVID-19, the Hillsboro FFA was unable to hold a Chapter Banquet, and therefore the individuals who earned their state degree, weren’t able to be recognized: Heather Burba, Christine Page, Lawton Parry and Gavin Puckett.

Another group of individuals who were recognized at the 2021 Chapter Banquet were the American Degree recipients. In FFA, the American Degree is the highest degree able to be obtained, and the greatest honor to hold. Students who earn this degree have put unfathomable amounts of time, effort, and dedication into earning this award. In order to obtain an American Degree, a student must have the following: $10,000 earned from their SAE, more than 50 hours of volunteer work, and they must have participated in leadership events and Career Development Events.

The 2021 American Degree candidates are: Heather Burba, Grant Crum, Joe Helterbrand, and Ashlie Hillyer. These four individuals are all graduates of the Hillsboro FFA, and have put in countless hours in helping their chapter.

Written by Jessica Howland, Hillsboro FFA Student Advisor

(L to R) Brayden Cochran, Emma Hatfield, Clara Page, Mallory Parsons, and Riley Stratton

The Hillsboro FFA rewards Five Seniors with the Bankers Award

Merchants National Bank is proud to sponsor the youth of Agriculture. Each year Merchants National Bank sponsors the Banker’s Award during the Hillsboro FFA Banquet. This award is given to seniors who have been productive with financial management through their Supervised Agricultural Experiences. Many seniors have worked very hard over the past four years by staying involved and completing record books.

This year’s recipients of the Banker’s Award goes to Lawton Parry, Mallory Parsons, Gavin Puckett, Shane Sullivan, and Kelcie Thornburgh. Each of these students have received a $100 check from Merchants National Bank. These seniors have shown exceptional record keeping throughout their Supervised Agricultural Experience record books. Record keeping is a very important skill and students will use these skills in the future.

Congratulations to all the Hillsboro FFA members that participated in the Banker’s Award program.

Written by Mallory Parsons, Hillsboro FFA Vice President

(L-R) Mallory Parsons, Gavin Puckett, Shane Sullivan, and Kelcie Thornburgh

Three Hillsboro FFA Officers receive Gold Ratings on their Officer Books

Three of the Hillsboro FFA Officers, Kelcie Thornburgh, Ben Florea, and Hannah Hopkins, have completed their officer books and have submitted them to the Ohio FFA Association. These officers maintained record books throughout the year to document financial reports, agendas, minutes, meeting attendance, newspaper articles, correspondence, and a collection of photographs from the year.

Hannah Hopkins said “It was something I had to prepare for and was happy to finally put it all together.’’

These Officers will be recognized for their effort and success at the virtual Ohio FFA State Convention in May. Kelcie, chapter reporter, Ben, chapter treasurer, and Hannah, chapter secretary, all received gold ratings on their officer books.

Written By Gracie Isaacs, Hillsboro FFA V.P. of Community Development

(L-R) Ben Floera, Kelcie Thornburgh, and Hannah Hopkins with their respective Officer books.

Hillsboro FFA Honorary Degree Members

On Sunday, March 28th at 4:00 PM, the Hillsboro FFA Chapter had their annual FFA Banquet to recognize members, supporters, parents, and alumni. During the award ceremony, the Hillsboro FFA Chapter recognized their Honorary FFA Degree recipient. It is always a pleasure to receive honorary members into the FFA.

The purpose of this ceremony is to recognize, from time to time, the efforts others have made on the behalf of the Hillsboro FFA Chapter. Honorary Membership - farmers, school superintendents, principals, members of boards of education, chapter advisors, teachers, staff members, business people, and others who are helping to advance agricultural education and the FFA, and who have rendered outstanding service, may be elected to honorary membership by a majority vote of the members present at a regular meeting or convention.

This year's Honorary Degree recipient was the Hillsboro High School Kitchen Staff which include Kim Collins, Karen Knisley, Amy Bieler, Candy Cole, Anna Aber, Teresa Cox, Matilda Burns, and Carrie Carey who have offered their time and effort to support the members of the Hillsboro FFA Chapter.

The Hillsboro FFA Chapter is very grateful for the Hillsboro High School Kitchen Staff. They devoted so much of their time to the chapter, and are always up for providing and packing lunches every time the chapter hosts a meeting.

By Kelcie Thornburgh, Hillsboro FFA President

(L-R) Karen Knisley, Carrie Carey, Amy Bieler, Kim Collins, Anna Aber, and Matilda Burns in the cafeteria preparing for the day.

Hillsboro FFA Members Compete in Ag Sales Contest

On February 20, 2021 four members of the Hillsboro FFA Chapter competed in the district ag sales contest. The contest was held virtually at the Hillsboro High School, the participants in the contest were Hannah Hopkins, Trinity Edenfield, Alexandra Magee, and Ryan Mau. These members spent weeks before the contest learning about their products and practicing their presentations.

The team first had to take an online test in order to compete in the event. This year, the team was tasked with selling livestock gates to evaluate how well the members can sell a product. From matching customers needs and wants to building rapport with the customer, the team had plenty of preparation to do for the contest. These four FFA members placed third in the district competition, and Ryan Mau placed 5th overall in the District competition individually.

Written by Mallory Parsons, Hillsboro FFA Chapter Vice President

(L_R) Hannah Hopkins, Trinity Edenfield,Alexandra Magee, and Ryan Mau

National FFA Week/February Meeting

During National FFA Week, the Hillsboro FFA Chapter participated in spirit days throughout the week. During FFA week every year, the Hillsboro FFA normally has a lunch to show the Hillsboro teachers how much they are appreciated, but due to Covid restrictions, that was not possible. This year, instead of lunch, the Hillsboro FFA Officers came up with an idea to make teacher supply boxes. In these boxes are paper clips, binder clips, pens, candy and then on top attached was a thank you letter from the entire FFA Chapter.

The members helped pack all of the boxes up and then they were placed into all of the teachers school mailboxes.

During the February meeting, the Hillsboro FFA Officers talked about the upcoming 2021 Banquet, four members gave committee reports for Ag Sales, Strawberry Sale, Public Speaking and Alumni Auction. After the committee reports, the officers made announcements for upcoming events and closed the meeting. After the meeting was closed, the officers and members played several fun games to get the new and old members more involved.

Written by Zinny Adams, Hillsboro FFA Chapter V.P. of Agriculture

Hillsboro FFA Members who wore Blue and Gold on Friday

Hillsboro FFA Strawberry Sale

One of the first signs that spring is near is the arrival of fresh, sweet, juicy strawberries from Florida. The Hillsboro FFA’s annual Strawberry sale started at the end of January and students collected pre-orders until February 12.

The strawberries arrived, fresh from Florida, in the first week of March, and were delivered by FFA members.

Having a strawberry sale is a great way to raise funds for the Hillsboro FFA Chapter. The Hillsboro FFA Chapter had a successful strawberry sale this year, selling 280 flats of strawberries.

Written by Gracie Isaacs, Hillsboro FFA Chapter V.P. of Community Development

Liam Smart unloading the Strawberries

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