Fire Departments Get State Grant for New Radio Systems

(Columbus) -- State Fire Marshal Kevin S. Reardon is pleased to announce the complete list of awardees for the 2021 MARCS (Multi-Agency Radio Communications Systems) grant, which includes 373 fire departments in 65 counties throughout Ohio.

The MARCS radio system allows first responders to seamlessly communicate, not only with each other, but with other agencies responding to an incident (i.e. fire departments from neighboring areas, law enforcement, etc.).

“There’s no greater honor for someone in my position than to play a part in keeping Ohio’s first responders safe while protecting their communities,” said Marshal Reardon. “Having 373 more departments upgrade to this state-of-the-art system will drastically improve emergency response and enhance the level of safety for responders and citizens, alike.”

MARCS radios are sophisticated systems, and the cost can be significant. In order to make more radios possible for local fire departments, the State Fire Marshal’s (SFM) office has begun decreasing the amount of user fees awarded. This year, SFM received more than $9 million in requests for the $3 million in total available funding.

Priority funding went to departments applying as part of a regional or county-wide effort, and departments that showed they are prepared to immediately begin using the MARCS radios upon award receipt.

Local recipients:


  • Washington Fire Department $1,800.00
  • Concord-Green Township Fire Department $1,080.00
  • Wayne Township Volunteer Fire andnd Rescue $1,680.00


  • Highland County N. Joint Fire District $3,000.00
  • Lynchburg Area Joint Fire & Ambulance $2,280.00
  • Southern Highland Joint Fire District $2,880.00


  • Bainbridge Volunteer Fire Department $7,640.00
  • Concord Township Fire Department $2,520.00
  • Harrison Township Fire Department $7,160.00
  • Huntington Township Fire Department $7,040.00
  • Liberty Township Fire Department $7,880.00
  • Scioto Township Fire Department $6,080.00
  • Twin Township Volunteer Fire & Life Squad $6,080.00
  • Franklin Township Fire & Rescue $600.00


  • Beaver Volunteer Fire Department $2,880.00
  • Piketon Seal Township Fire Department $7,400.00
  • Waverly Fire Department $1,440.00
  • Camp Creek Township Volunteer Fire Department $1,680.00
  • Benton Township Volunteer Fire Department $2,040.00
  • Pebble Township Volunteer Fire Department $2,760.00
  • Stockdale Volunteer Fire Department $2,760.00
  • Jackson Township Fire & Rescue Dept. $2,520.00

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