Committee for a Better Highland County Water Company Seeking Petitions

(Hillsboro) -- The "Members Committee for a Better Highland County Water Company" is getting ready for the 2021 annual meeting, and they say they need help elect a new member to the Board of Directors.

Please print, sign, and date the attached petition nominating Thom to the Board of Directors and return it to us right away.

Thom Snyder served as a public school teacher for 22 years before retiring from Hillsboro High School, where he also coached the basketball team and cross-country. Thom has been a property owner in Highland County and a customer of Highland County Water for more than 20 years. For the past five years, he has owned and operated Grave Care Angels, a small business based in Hillsboro that focuses on monument and cemetery memorial care and maintenance.

Under the new corporate bylaws reforms adopted at the last annual meeting, members can now place the names of independent candidates like Thom on any proxy that the Company mails to members at company expense. To do that, they need 25 signatures from members before February 10th.

The process is simple: please download and print the attached nominating petition, sign and date it, and then mail it back to us at Members Committee, P.O. Box 456, Hillsboro, OH 45133-0456. You can also scan your petition and email it back to us at

Last year we elected three new, independent directors not hand-picked by management to the Company’s board of directors. This year, we have the chance to elect two more - starting with Thom Snyder.

We will send more details about our second candidate soon, but for now please help us nominate Thom Snyder by signing the attached petition and returning it to us right away!

We don’t have much time, so please send us your completed nominating petition today. Thanks for helping us make Highland County Water a better water company more responsive to the needs of its customers.

Members Committee for a Better Highland County Water Company

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