FCPH Announces Online Case Investigation Survey

Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 can now complete a survey to submit their information and close contacts to Fayette County Public Health. The survey is located on the FCPH website, faycohd.org, and can be found on the “COVID Case Investigation Survey” page. The direct link is faycohd.org/c19survey/

“We typically don’t receive positive lab results until 1-2 days after the person who tested positive receives theirs, which causes a delay in the contact tracing process,” said Leigh Cannon, deputy health commissioner. “This survey will allow positive cases to submit their information earlier, and once our staff receives and cross-references the lab results, we can begin to process isolation and quarantine letters,” said Cannon. The new process is intended to help FCPH nurses keep pace with the increasing number of COVID-19 cases that the community is seeing.

Once the survey is completed, a case investigator will call or email the positive individual with any questions. The survey is only for individuals who receive positive test results. 

The information collected in case investigations helps Fayette County Public Health staff to better understand what is happening in the community, identify disease trends, find outbreak clusters, and identify close contacts that may need to be quarantined. 

“People who would prefer to talk to a nurse to complete the case investigation can still do so,” said Cannon, “but we really encourage those who are able to complete the survey online to do that instead. This will streamline the process and help the positive individuals, their contacts, and our staff members. We are busy preparing for the next phase of vaccinations and it is important that we utilize staff in the most efficient way possible.”

More information about Phase 1b of Ohio’s vaccine distribution plan will be announced later this week by Fayette County Public Health.

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