Morgan Wallen Drops Three New Songs From Upcoming Double Album, 'Dangerous'

Morgan Wallen Drops Three New Songs From Upcoming Double Album, 'Dangerous'

Morgan Wallen has released three new songs from his upcoming double album, Dangerous, due out on January 8, 2021. "Somebody's Problem," "Still Goin' Down" and "Livin' The Dream" all officially dropped on Friday (November 20).

"Livin' The Dream," co-written by Wallen alongside Ben Burgess, Jacob Durrett and Michael Hardy, is his most honest song to date. The track finds Wallen singing about the darker side to fame, recognizing that being in the spotlight isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

"I look like a rockstar, in and out of cop cars / Livin’ out a suitcase, trashin’ hotel bars / If I see the sunrise, it’s ’cause I stayed up all night / Drinkin’ ’cause I need to, damn it, what a good life / Judgin’ by my long hair, you might think I don’t care / Sittin’ here, sippin’ and bitchin’ about a spot where / People would kill to bе, kill to be, kill to be / But y’all, it ain’t as good as it seems, this livin’ the drеam is / Killin’ me, killin’ me, killin’ me/ It’s killin’ me, killin’ me, killin’ me," he sings on the chorus.

Along with "Livin' The Dream," Wallen also shared a new small-town anthem, "Still Goin' Down." The track, also co-written by Wallen and Hardy with Ryan Vojtesak, is all about what goes down on the weekends in small towns across the country.

The third song Wallen released, "Somebody's Problem" is an acoustic ballad about falling for a girl "you can't stand to lose." The track was also co-written by Wallen alongside Rodney Clawson, Durrett, Ernest and Keith Smith.

Wallen's 30-track double album will follow up his 2018 debut album, If I Know Me. Fans can pre-order the album now ahead of the official release date, January 8, 2021. See a full track listing below.

‘Dangerous: The Double Album’ track list:

DISC 1 –

1. “Sand In My Boots” (Ashley Gorley, Michael Hardy, Josh Osborne)

2. “Wasted On You” (Morgan Wallen, Ernest Keith Smith, Josh Thompson, Ryan Vojtesak) *

3. “Somebody’s Problem” (Morgan Wallen, Rodney Clawson, Jacob Durrett, Ernest Keith Smith)

4. “More Surprised Than Me” (Ben Burgess, Lee Thomas Miller, Niko Moon)

5. “865” (John Byron, Blake Pendergrass)

6. “Warning” (Ashley Gorley, Ernest Keith Smith, Ryan Vojtesak) +

7. “Neon Eyes” (Morgan Wallen, Ben Burgess, Mark Holman)

8. “Outlaw” feat. Ben Burgess (Ben Burgess, Patrick Davis, Josh Kerr, Jordan Reynolds)

9. “Whiskey’d My Way” (Matt Dragstrem, Josh Miller, Thomas Rhett, Josh Thompson)

10. “Wonderin’ Bout The Wind” (Morgan Wallen, Ernest Keith Smith)

11. “Your Bartender” (Rhett Akins, Matt Dragstrem, Thomas Rhett, Josh Thompson) ^

12. “Only Thing That’s Gone” feat. Chris Stapleton (Morgan Wallen, Matt Dragstrem, Chase McGill, Josh Thompson)

13. “Cover Me Up” (Jason Isbell) •

14. “7 Summers” (Morgan Wallen, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne)

15. “More Than My Hometown” (Morgan Wallen, Michael Hardy, Ernest Keith Smith, Ryan Vojtesak)

DISC 2 –

1. “Still Goin Down” (Morgan Wallen, Michael Hardy, Ryan Vojtesak)

2. “Rednecks, Red Letters, Red Dirt” (Matt Dragstrem, Chase McGill, Josh Thompson)

3. “Dangerous” (Morgan Wallen, Ernest Keith Smith)

4. “Beer Don’t” (Morgan Wallen, Michael Hardy, Jake Mitchell)

5. “Blame It On Me” (Ashley Gorley, Ernest Keith Smith, Ryan Vojtesak)

6. “Somethin’ Country” (Morgan Wallen, Michael Hardy, Daniel Ross, Ernest Keith Smith)

7. “This Bar” (Morgan Wallen, Michael Hardy, Jackson Morgan, Jake Scott, Ernest Keith Smith, Ryan Vojtesak)

8. “Country A$$ Shit” (Morgan Wallen, Chase McGill, Jordan Schmidt)

9. “Whatcha Think Of Country Now” (Dallas Davidson, Devin Dawson, Kyle Fishman, Mark Holman, Justin Wilson)

10. “Me On Whiskey” (Rodney Clawson, Mark Holman, Ernest Keith Smith)

11. “Need A Boat” (Morgan Wallen, Matt Dragstrem, Hillary Lindsey)

12. “Silverado For Sale” (Dallas Davidon, Marv Green, Ben Hayslip)

13. “Heartless” (Wallen Album Mix) (Morgan Wallen, Henry Agincourt Allen, Ryan Hurd, Thomas Wesley Pentz, Ernest Keith Smith, Ryan Vojtesak)

14. “Livin’ The Dream” (Morgan Wallen, Ben Burgess, Jacob Durrett, Michael Hardy)

15. “Quittin’ Time” (Eric Church, Luke Laird, Josh Thompson)


1. “This Side Of A Dust Cloud” (Morgan Wallen, Matt Dragstrem, Chase McGill, Josh Thompson)

2. “Bandaid On A Bullet Hole” (Morgan Wallen, Jacob Durrett, Ashley Gorley)*

All Songs Produced by Joey Moi

* Co-produced by Jacob Durrett

+ Co-produced by Charlie Handsome

^ Co-produced by Matt Dragstrem

• Co-produced by Dave Cohen

**Target exclusive physical-only bonus tracks

Photo: Getty Images

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