Washington CH City Schools Move to Hybrid Schedule

Washington Court House City Schools will operate on a hybrid schedule for the week of November 16th-20th.

School district officials say their COVID-19 case numbers within the student population is very low (only 1 across the district currently) and students are doing an incredible job staying safe and following protocols.

However, they are running into issues with the amount of staff that are out are making it increasingly difficult to operate our buildings efficiently.

The following hybrid schedule will be observed:

· Family groups with the last name A-L will attend in person on Monday and Tuesday

· Family groups with the last name M-Z will attend in person on Thursday and Friday

· Wednesday will be staff only along with disinfecting and cleaning.

· Family groups are determined by the youngest student in the household. For example: Household has a “Bradley” kindergartener and a “Wilson” 8th grader and freshman, all of those students would attend Monday and Tuesday with the youngest student in their household being A-L.

· More information will come from student’s building soon

· Families should look for more information to come regarding meals throughout the week on district social media and website. The Big Blue Bus will be on the road during this time.

· WCHCS intends to return to the regular schedule, five day week following Fall Break

· In order to do so, the district urges families to continue to wear masks, social distant, avoid large crowds and gatherings, and wash their hands regularly

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