Countdown To 2020 Fayette County Fair

The 2020 Fayette County Fair is approaching and will be a different experience for those that attend, compared to years past, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year's fair will see a modified schedule of events, with exhibitors and spectators being told to practice social distancing.

The fair runs July 20th-25th.

For livestock shows and sales, priority seating will be given to families of the exhibitors. If too many people are gathered around the show ring, non-family members and youth not in the ring, will be asked to vacate the ring/barn area until their family is showing. Social distancing should be used among non-family members with at least six feet between families and no more than 10 people should congregate in the same area at the same time. If you have a cough, fever or are feeling ill, stay home.

All livestock sales will be held starting at 9am on July 25th with no animals entering the ring. Champions will take photos at a backdrop at the side of the sale ring. Exhibitors will have one time through the sale ring and all animals that go through the sale are terminal, except feeders and hogs.

The order of sales will be Dairy Steer, Beef Steer, Beef Feeder, Dairy Feeder, Meat Goat, Dairy Goat, Chickens, Turkeys, Rabbits, Lambs and Hogs.

Junior Fair Opening Ceremonies will be at 2:30pm Sunday, July 19th at the Grandstand. Junior Fair Opening Ceremonies will be at 2:30pm Sunday, July 19th at the Grandstand with other activities at the grandstand Monday through Saturday in the late afternoon or early evening hours.

For more details, go to the Fayette County Fair website link below....


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