FCMH Joins Awareness Campaign Ensuring Health Care Is Safe & Available

Fayette County Memorial Hospital (FCMH) is participating in a statewide public awareness campaign focusing on the safety and availability of health care facilities and the importance for Ohioans to access services. The campaign is organized by the Ohio Hospital Association, Ohio Children’s Hospital Association and Ohio State Medical Association. The campaign’s message is health care providers are safe, open and available to deliver high-quality care to Ohioans.

“People should seek medical care when they need it and not be put off by the coronavirus epidemic. Anyone who delays seeking treatment could put their long-term health at risk,” said FCMH CEO Mike Diener. “We want to remind our community that it is safe to call 911, visit the emergency department, same day care or any of the clinics at our facility.”

Across the state there are substantive declines in the number of patients coming in for preventative and emergency treatment. Some providers in the state report seeing half or even fewer of the patients they did prior to the onset of COVID-19 in their facilities. Evidence suggests that people with serious health conditions or symptoms may be avoiding hospitals out of fear of catching COVID-19 or contributing to its spread. Providers in Ohio are following state and federal guidelines to ensure facilities and caregivers are prepared to receive patients.

“Ohio hospitals and health systems are a vital source of health care and wellness services for our communities,” said Mike Abrams, president and CEO, Ohio Hospital Association. “Every day hospitals are committing resources and preparing their facilities to ensure patient safety and health care quality. Delaying or avoiding care can lead to serious complications or long-term health problems, and we encourage Ohioans to get the care they need today.”

“There is tremendous concern for people who urgently need medical attention for conditions unrelated to COVID-19 and are choosing not to get the care they need. We’ve seen activity at some doctors’ offices decrease by more than 50-percent due to patients cancelling scheduled appointments or not showing up for visits,” said Anthony Armstrong, MD, president of the Ohio State Medical Association. “The message has to be clear: your health is your personal responsibility and it is safe to seek the care you need from your doctor.”

To learn more about available services and current safety precautions visit fcmh.org

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