Ralphie Rules, What To Buy For The Holidays & Adulting Classes

Adulting classes …So it seems there’s a growing trend for college students and high school grads to take “adulting classes.” Seems these classes have grown in popularity because, well, young people just aren’t learning many life skills in school or at home. These classes are teaching students things like how to stick to a budget, write a resume, apply for jobs, cook, manage their time and even how to handle personal relationships. (LA Times)

Don’t know what to get someone for the holidays this year?You can’t go wrong with food. A new survey (by Omaha Steaks) found that 73% of respondents said they’d rather get a food gift that any other type of gift this year. Why? Here are their top reasons:

  1. I like to try new food and wouldn't have bought it for myself otherwise -- 56%
  2. I can enjoy/share it with family and friends -- 53%
  3. I get to spend time with that person prepping/cooking etc. -- 53%
  4. It shows they know me more as a person -- 51%
  5. It's more meaningful -- 49% (SWNS)

Ralphie rules …According to a new survey, respondents said A Christmas Story is the best holiday movie of all time. Here are the Top 5:

  1. A Christmas Story
  2. A Charlie Brown Christmas
  3. It’s a Wonderful Life
  4. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
  5. Home Alone(SWNS)

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