Snack Food Vans Stolen in Fayette County Recovered in Ross County

The Ross County Grand Jury returned 35 of their 36 cases Friday, with seven open.

In one, two snack food trucks stolen in Fayette County were recovered in Ross County, along with the accused thief.

According to the Ross County Prosecutor's Office, the Frito-Lay facility in Sabina reported missing two delivery vans had been GPS-tracked to Thrifton Road in Ross County near Greenfield October 11th.

The Ross County Sheriff 's office requested assistance from the Greenfield police, who arrived on-scene first and found 42-year-old Brian E. May of Sabina near the parked vans.

May had the keys on his person and eventually confessed the theft. For indictments on two counts of receiving stolen property he could get up to 18 months and $5,000 in fines.

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