Perfect Halloween Prank, Why We Gain Weight Over the Holidays & More

No wonder we gain weight during the holidays …This seems like a no-brainer, but a new study has revealed that we eat more when we are dining with friends and family. Seems people consumed 48% more food when eating with others vs. eating alone. (Study Finds)

Want to scare someone this Halloween? You may want to get a Bloody Bath Mat. These seemingly innocent white bath mats turn your wet footprints into blood stains. (NY Post)


Late last week, Glenlivet -- makers of fine Scotch whisky -- started selling their fine Scotch whisky in little chewable “cocktail capsules.”

You know … Like Tide Pods.

Well, the Interwebs and social media continue to explode with outrage and fascination.

You know… Because Glenlivet cab be consumed in Tide Pods… And, the Interwebs love their Tide Pods.

If you love the idea of chewing on your Glenlivet Scotch whisky, you’re going to have to act fast -- and travel fast -- as these goofy pods are only available in London until this Saturday. (The Takeout)     

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