High School Football Player Saves Man's Life By Pulling A Car Off His Chest

16-year-old Zac Clark plays football for Clear Fork High School in Ohio.

Part of playing football involves lifting weights. And, it was a good thing that Zac had been lifting those weights -- because he was able to lift a car off the chest of his neighbor -- which pretty much saved that neighbor’s life.

Zac was outside with his mother, Lora, when he noticed his neighbor working under his Volkswagen. Zac then heard a loud bang and screams from his neighbor’s wife.

Sure enough. The car had slipped off the jack stand and was crushing the neighbor’s chest.

That’s when Zac sprang into action and lifted the car off of the man’s chest. While Zac was lifting, Lora was able to pull the neighbor out from under the car and out of danger.

Paramedics say that the man would have died if Zac hadn’t rushed to his rescue and lifted the vehicle enough so the man could slide out.

The neighbor is now home, resting comfortably.

And, Zac was honored by his football coach, who described him as courageous and strong -- and willing to take action when called to duty. (USA Today)

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