Couples Compete For Cash by Sleeping Together in a Coffin

This weekend, the Six Flags America theme park in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, is inviting couples to compete for cash and other prizes -- and all they have to do is survive 30 hours together in a coffin.

The couples who make it to the end of the Fright Fest 30-Hour Couples Coffin Challenge will be rewarded with $600 in cash, full access to the park’s Halloween celebrations and a pair of gold season passes for 2020.

Unfortunately, no electronic devices are allowed in the coffin. No smartphones. No watches. Just you and your partner.

But luckily, the contest does allow for short food and bathroom breaks. (Men’s Health)

  • The math on this doesn’t look that good. The winners have to split $600, which means each winner gets $300 for 30 hours of work. That’s 10 bucks an hour. Before taxes. Terrible.
  • Then again, that’s 10 bucks an hour for just laying around all weekend.

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