KFC: Chicken & Donuts

Maybe as a reaction to the popularity of Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich, KFC is rolling out a new version of their chicken sandwich, which features a fried chicken patty -- in between two glazed donuts. No joke.

The fried chicken and doughnuts sandwich s currently being tested at locations in Norfolk and Richmond, Virginia -- as well as in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

If -- or when -- it takes off and becomes a popular food phenomenon, it could be rolled out to locations nationwide. (Insider)

  • Even if you’re not on a health kick, eating fried chicken in between two glazed doughnuts just seems … dangerous, doesn’t it? Like, that could cause an instant heart attack?
  • To be honest, though, the sandwich looks totally worth the risk. If you're going to die instantly eating something, it might as well be fried chicken in between two glazed doughnuts.

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