Bandwagon Browns Fans Jumping Ship, Lowering Ticket Prices

Tonight, the Cleveland Browns face off against the New York Jets in a Monday Night Football game.

Before the seasons started, the Browns were expected by many to be a big-time force. Lots of young talent. Ready to pounce.

But then, the Browns played in Week 1 of the season and looked terrible.

That’s all it took for a bunch of Cleveland Browns fans to jump off the bandwagon.

After that Week 1 loss, ticket sales for upcoming Cleveland Browns games have fallen off a cliff.

The price to the Cleveland Browns Week 1 game was $181. Since getting beat by the Titans in that game, the price dropped 21 percent to $141 for the Week 3 game against the Los Angeles Rams, which is actually a bigger game because the Rams went to the Super Bowl last year. (Fox Business)

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