CHRIS JANSON: Listening to Real Friends

The title for Chris Janson's upcoming album, Real Friends, seems appropriate considering he's invited some of his real friends to join him on the project.

In a newly released track list, which shows Chris as a co-writer on every song, pal and fellow Opry member Blake Shelton is revealed as a guest vocalist on the title track. Meanwhile, many of his longtime friends are featured as songwriters and producers on the project -- including his wife, Kelly Roland, who co-wrote "Hawaii on Me" and appears in the video for "Done."

Real Friends drops on October 18th.

Real Friendstrack list:

  1. "Good Vibes"
  2. "Check" 
  3. "Done" 
  4. "Normal People" 
  5. "Say About Me"
  6. "Waitin’ on 5"
  7. "Hawaii on Me"
  8. "Mine Does"
  9. "God’s Gotta Be a Good Ole Boy"
  10. "Real Friends (feat. Blake Shelton)"
  11. "Everybody’s Going Through Something" 
  12. " Beer Me"
  13. "Country USA" 

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