Toilets On Front Lawns Being Used to Feed the Needy

Something funny is going on in Hope, Indiana, that’s leading to hundreds of dollars being raised to feed the needy.

A charity group has been leaving decorative toilets in the front yards of citizens, with some rules …

Anyone who wants the toilet off their lawn needs to pay $10 into the charity fund. If they give $20, that toilet will be placed in the yard of a friend, family member or neighbor. For $30, they’re safe from having the toilet returned to them. And, anyone who pays $40 in advance will be put on a list announcing they’re a “party pooper” who doesn’t want to play along.

In about a week, more than $1,000 has already been raised -- with hopes of doubling that before the madness ends.

Whatever money is finally raised will go to help pay student lunch accounts in situations where parents are struggling to cover the cost. (CleanLink)

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