PRIVACY MATTERS: Don't Do That FaceApp Aging Thing

Democratic leaders are warning campaigns to delete the app immediately. (The Washington Post)

You know that FaceApp thing on Facebook that everyone’s talking about? The one that takes a current picture and shows you how you’ll look when you’re older? Turns out it’s owned by a Russian company.

So if you use it, you’re now giving a clear picture of your face to some computer geek in Russia -- along with your name, profile picture, photos and E-mail address. You’re also giving the company permission to share that stuff with “affiliates,” which means they can coordinate it with people who have other personal information about you on file.

The windup could very well be that a Russian firm -- or worse, the Russian government -- can compile a complete dossier on you. And put it in a database of a facial-recognition program.

All for a couple of minutes of amusement on social media. (

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