Are You A Food Thief?

Are you a food thief? A new survey found that 40% Americans admit to stealing food – whether from a partner, a co-worker, or a friend. Needless to say, a lot of that food thievery takes place in the office. 41% said they’ve dealt with a co-worker stealing food from them, and 60% said they actually had to confront somebody about it. 33% say they have simply stopped taking their lunch to work because of food thieves.

So where is the food being stolen from? 38% said they’d had their food stolen out of the office fridge and 25% say somebody has stolen their food out of the microwave.

Here are the Top 10 foods most likely to be stolen at work:

  1. Chips -- 31%
  2. Fruit -- 28%
  3. Candy -- 27%
  4. Coffee -- 26%
  5. Juice -- 26%
  6. Milk -- 23%
  7. Bread -- 22%
  8. Ice cream -- 20%
  9. Lunch meat -- 19%
  10. Nuts -- 17%

But while co-workers are notorious food stealers, according to the survey, the biggest food thieves in our lives are actually our partners. (SWNS)

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