Does Your Phone Make You Eat & Your Job Make You Drink?

"It's Not Your Fault Tuesday". Putting the blame elsewhere so you don't have to feel responsible for your own actions.

Your phone is making you fat …Do you look at your phone when you’re eating? According to a new study, you’re probably eating more than someone who simply eats without being distracted by anything. In fact, researchers found that people who were distracted by their phones when they were eating increased their intake of calories by 15%, compared to those who weren’t looking at their phones while eating. (The Ladders)

Is your job making you drink? A new study found that if you have a job that forces you to smile a lot – whether you’re a nurse, a restaurant server, a teacher, or you work in mall -- you are more likely to drink after work ... and to drink more than those who don’t deal with the public all day. (Penn State News)


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