Reasons For Calling In Sick When You're Not

No sick day … A new survey found that one-third of employees have called in sick when they weren’t. The top reasons for taking a “sick” day were:

  1. Rest and chill out: 50%
  2. Spend time with family: 30%
  3. Run errands and take care of personal matters: 21%
  4. Don’t want to travel to work in foul weather: 17%

The survey found that while people do play hooky from work, most don’t do it that often.

  • 68% say they do it less than once a year.
  • 12% say they do it once a year.
  • 15% say they fake sick every three to six months
  • 5% say they call in “sick” once a month

Oh, and a couple FYIs … January is the most popular month to play hooky from work, and saying you have the flu is the best excuse for calling in sick, according to a survey. (The Ladders)

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