Saints Fans Want a Rematch/Attorney Files Suit Over Controversial Loss

>>Attorney Files Suit Over Saints Controversial Loss To Rams (Los Angeles, CA)  -- 

 An attorney representing New Orleans Saints season-ticket holders is throwing a Hail Mary to get the team to the Super Bowl.  Frank D'Amico Jr. has filed a lawsuit after the Saints' controversial loss to the L.A. Rams following a bad call by referees that swayed the game.  He cites an obscure NFL rule that allows for the commissioner to reverse the outcome of the NFC title game if actions are deemed to be extraordinarily unfair.  Neither the NFL nor the Rams organization have responded to the suit. (24/7 News)

>>Saints Fans Want A Rematch(New Orleans, LA)  --  

New Orleans Saints fans want a rematch with the Los Angeles Rams.  Thousands of people have signed an online petition with the idea of pushing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to make the two teams go head to head again before the Super Bowl.  The petition is in response to the Rams getting away with a penalty that might have changed the outcome of the NFC Championship game this past Sunday.  The NFL rule book states the commish has the authority to take certain steps in the event of extraordinarily unfair acts, but a rematch is unlikely to happen. (24/7 News)

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