What's The Biggest "Food Sin" You've Seen Committed?

A trending AskReddit thread asks people to reveal the biggest “food sin” they’ve seen someone commit.  

Some of the responses:

  • My wife will take a handful of raw macaroni and throw it in her mouth, and then pour in copious amounts of vinegar and chew it all together. Still grosses me out watching her. 
  • A guy my fiancé used to work with would wipe his chicken pieces with the lemon scented hand wipes from KFC thinking that they were meant for seasoning. 
  • My grandma used to love cheesy garlic bread dipped in chocolate pudding. 
  • I have a friend who microwaves everything. Eggs, frozen chicken breasts, frozen hamburger patties; everything. He is a well-educated, employed, 47-year-old man. 
  • My roommate puts apple sauce on anything … tacos, fish, spaghetti, steak, burgers. He will put it into a bowl of applesauce. It's horrifying. 
  • My ex-girlfriend once made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, replacing the bread with two fried eggs. 
  • Some ketchup food sins: Pizza dipped in ketchup, ketchup on nachos, ketchup on vanilla ice cream. 

OK … What’s the biggest “food sin” you’ve seen someone commit?

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