We're Uncomfortable Talking About Our Finances

How uncomfortable? A survey found that 16 percent of Americans would rather sit and watch a steamy sex scene with their parents than sit and tell them about their biggest financial mistake. Yikes. Here are some other things Americans would rather do that deal with money issues:

  • 32% would rather go to the DMV than work on a financial plan. 
  • 20% would rather spend an hour in jail than come up with a five-year financial plan. 
  • 34% would rather spend an hour in traffic than go over their money issues with a financial advisor. 
  • 26% would rather talk politics with somebody they disagree with than write a financial plan with a family member. 
  • 47% would rather drink orange juice after brushing their teeth than reveal their biggest money secret to a friend. 
  • 34% would rather post their most embarrassing photo of themselves on social media than post a screenshot of their account balances. (SWNS)


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