'Screen Dipping'

Is “screen dipping” causing problems in your relationship? It’s an all-too-familiar scenario … You and your significant other decide to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie together. But then you notice that he or she keeps looking at their phone. That’s “screen dipping” – or the act of “dipping out” of one screen and onto another screen – like your phone. It’s basically the screen version of “phubbing” or snubbing someone in favor of your phone.

So why is “screen dipping” bad for your relationship? Because, just like phubbing, screen dipping basically says you’re choosing your phone over the person you’re with. Yes, it’s different from looking at your phone when you’re having dinner or a conversation with someone, but when you’re watching a show or movie with someone, you’re supposed to be doing this together. And according to a study, choosing your phone over your partner leads to more fights and less satisfaction with your relationship. (Pure Wow)


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