Dry January: How It Affects Your Health

Are you doing a Dry January? Dry Januaries have become popular recently. Basically, it’s just a commitment to be booze-free for the month of January – after over-indulgence during the holidays. 

Health benefits of a Dry January … If you are starting the year by giving up booze for a month, cheers to you! According to research, giving up alcohol for just one month can give you big-time health benefits. Researchers found that people who were able to go a month without drinking tended to drink less often, get drunk less often, and have fewer drinks in one sitting six months later. Also, taking just one month off of alcohol provides better liver function, lower blood pressure, and even a reduced risk of liver disease and diabetes. Are you ready to take on the challenge? It’s just four weeks … (Time)


Now that the holidays are over, many people have made it a tradition to give up alcohol for a month -- you know … to let their livers recover.

This sounds like a healthy idea, but some British doctors warn that “Dry January” can actually be bad for you.

It seems that once January is over, people who’ve given up booze for a month feel like they have permission to drink as much as they want -- starting in February -- and that excessive drinking continues for the rest of the year.

Instead of going cold turkey for 31 days straight, the doctors recommend not drinking three days each week.

Taking a break for just those three days each week helps your body recover -- and doesn't make you feel like you’re torturing yourself. (LadBible)

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