Get Ready For Those Bad Christmas Gifts

Bad gifts … A survey by Groupon found that Americans receive an average of 3 bad gifts every holiday season. The average American will spend about $185 on bad gifts this season – with men outspending women in the bad gift department by about $42. And according to the survey, 35 percent of respondents said that getting a bad gift permanently affects their opinion of the person who gave it to them.

So who gives the best and worst gifts? According to the survey, our partners give us the best gifts, while our siblings give us the worst.

Want to avoid giving a bad gift? Survey respondents say steer clear of wrinkle cream, a scale, exercise equipment, underwear and cleaning supplies.

And if you want to give a great gift, the survey found that these are the most memorable gifts: clothing/apparel, dinner at a restaurant, electronics, a spa day and a trip/getaway. (SWNS)

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