Old Man Winter Doesn’t Have Many Friends

According to a new survey, the winter blues are real – and lots of people are affected. 57 percent of Americans say they’ve experienced the winter blues multiple times, and when asked how they usually feel in the winter, 39 percent of Americans said “bored” and 24 percent said “miserable.” The survey found that the average American will complain about winter to themselves or others five times every day during the season.

Here are the Top 10 complaints about the winter months:

  1. Cold hands and feet
  2. Runny noses
  3. Dry skin
  4. Having to dress in layers
  5. Difficulty waking up
  6. Muddy/dirty snow
  7. Shorter days
  8. People sneezing and coughing on them
  9. Having to stay inside
  10. Dark mornings (SWNS)

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