Are You Travel Cursed?

A new survey found that 14 percent of respondents feel they have such bad luck when traveling that they are actually “travel cursed.” And 73 percent of those who believe they are travel cursed think the curse will last forever.

So what are these “travel curses” people experience?

  • Delayed flights -- 45% 
  • Forgetting something they need – 34% 
  • Annoying passengers -- 27% 
  • Long security lines – 25% 
  • Losing luggage -- 24% 
  • Fight cancellations --22% 
  • Having the person in front of you recline all the way -- 22% 
  • Bad turbulence  -- 22%
  • Getting stuck on the tarmac – 21%

The survey found that the average American experiences 240 stressful travel moments in a lifetime. And – no surprise -- 47 percent said traveling is a stressful experience and  27 percent called traveling an “extremely stressful” experience. 26 percent said they expect something to go wrong every time they travel, and 49 percent say they prepare themselves for the worst-case scenario. (SWNS Digital)

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