Husted Makes Campaign Stop in Washington CH

Ohio Secretary of State John Husted recently stopped in Washington Court House while campaigning for the Mike Dewine & Jon Husted ticket. 

When asked in which direction he would like to see Ohio go, the hopeful for Lt. Governor said "We need to make Ohio a better educated state, the most well-trained educated state in all the midwest, so we can be the economic power house in the midwest".

He was also asked about the Dewine/Husted healthcare plan. His response was "What we want to do is improve wellness, we have a wellness plan to create incentives to be in better health to drive down health care costs, but also to make health care more affordable with quality access".

As Ohio Secretary of State, Husted has seen the decline in the interest young voters and stated Ohio needs to convey the importance for your adults to get involved in the process to elect qualified elected officials.

Tomorrow, we hear from Democrat Betty Sutton.

Election Day is Tuesday November 6th. 

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