The Perfect Amount of Money to Win in a Lottery Jackpot

By the time of the Mega Millions lottery drawing tonight, the jackpot could be close to -- or even over -- one billion dollars.

While winning this thing would be awesome, for sure, don't feel too bad if you strike out.

And, don’t feel bad about setting your sights a little lower. You don’t need a billion bucks to be happy. Instead, financial advisors suggest that you “only” need $30 million.

These advisors have found that this perfect amount -- $30 million -- allows people to be financially free without dealing with problems that arise from too much money.

First, you’d pay off all your debts. Then, the $30 million would generate $1 million per year in income, allowing you to live comfortably for the rest of your life.

And, most importantly, a $30 million jackpot would allow you to maintain some privacy because you’d be rich, but not “super rich.” (Forbes)

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