Weird News: Mom Let's 10 Year Old Get a Tattoo

An Ohio mother ended up in the clink after she allowed her 10-year-old son to get ink.

34-year-old Nikki Dickinson says she grew tired of her young son constantly nagging her for a tattoo, so she finally caved and said OK. The mother then took her son to the home of an unlicensed 16-year-old with a tattoo machine so the youngster could get his very first ink.

Police eventually found out about it after police saw a video of the inking on Facebook. It shows the boy sitting on his mother's lap inside a dirty room, as the teenager tattooed his right arm. It's unclear what the tattoo is.

Dickinson has been charged with child endangerment. The teen tattoo artist was also charged with violating safety and sanitation standards. (The Smoking Gun)

  • It's actually legal in Ohio for minors to get tattoos with their parent's consent, but it still has to be performed by a licensed tattoo artist.
  • The boy is going to be the coolest kid in 4th grade.
  • He probably got a Fortnite tattoo.

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