Bud Light Giving Free Beer To Fans When Browns Finally Win

Bud Light is the official beer of the NFL and they’re taking advantage of that partnership with both the best teams in the league -- and the worst.

If you’ll remember, back in February, Bud Light stepped up to help Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson fulfill his promise to give free beer to “everybody” if the Eagles won the Super Bowl. They won. And, free Bud Light was provided at the victory parade.

Well, Bud Light is stepping up again, offering to give away free beer when (if?) the Cleveland Browns win their next game.

It’s a nice gesture to offer Browns fans, considering the team has won only one game over the past two seasons.

It’s also a cool stunt as the beer will be delivered in “Victory Fridges” found in Cleveland-area bars. The refrigerators will be locked until the Browns break their losing streak. When (if?) the Browns win, the refrigerators will be unlocked through a WiFi controlled gadget and then fans will be able to enjoy some free beers. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

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