Highland Auditor Reminds Low Income Property Owners of Homestead Exemption

As the due date for second half tax bills in Highland County approaches, County Auditor Bill Fawley is reminding taxpayers of the benefits of the Homestead Exemption. The exemption allows low-income senior citizens and permanently and totally disabled Ohioans, to reduce their property tax bills, by shielding some of the market value of their homes from taxation.


"This year if your adjusted gross income on your Ohio income tax form is less than $32,200, then you may be eligible for the Homestead reduction," said Highland County Auditor, Bill Fawley. "Which means we subtract $25,000 from the value of your property and then calculate you tax bill, then the State pays that."


Fawley says, depending on what taxing district you reside in, it runs anywhere from $250 to $300 per year.


"If you have two names on the deed, if one person in the household is reaching 65 years of age this year, and they are on the deed, then check the income to see if you qualify," said Fawley. 


Second Half Taxes for Highland County are due Friday, July 27th. There is a 5% penalty for payments received within the first ten days after the due date. That penalty increases to 10% if payments are received more than ten days past the July 27th due date.


Fawley says you can contact his office with any tax related questions.

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