Ways Robots Are Becoming More Human

There are plenty of scientists and engineers working non-stop to make robots more human. And, they've given robots more and more skills.

Here's a rundown of some ways that robots have already become more human:

  • They create art.
  • They can show empathy.
  • They can run and leap. And, dance and ski.
  • They show emotions.
  • They can be tourist guides.
  • They can drive cars.
  • They can cook. And, play music.
  • They can even assemble IKEA furniture. (BroBible)

This list is going to grow. It's something to be worried about, isn't it?    

It might be fun for a while. We can get robots to do some of our dirty work and enjoy our interactions with them. That will be a delightful golden age. And then … They'll turn on us and -- probably -- wipe us out.       

So, enjoy this while it lasts?

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