KAMP Dovetail Krusade Dinner June 2nd

S.A.T.H. (Supplemental Assistance to the Handicapped) holds a fundraiser this Saturday, June 2nd to raise money for its Kamp Dovetail summer camp for kids.

The annual KAMP Dovetail Krusade Dinner takes place Saturday beginning at 5:30pm at Hillsboro Elementary School.

S.A.T.H. Director, Linda Allen says Kamp Dovetail hosts more than 320 special needs children campers each June, with outdoor activities and crafts and more.  

Saturday's Kamp Dovetail fundraiser will award over $13,000 in cash prizes to those that attend, including a grand prize of $8,000.

Tickets to the event are limited. They can be purchased by calling Linda Allen at (937) 366-6657.

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