Hillsboro Council Hears From Public on Zoning Proposal

Hillsboro City Council presided their Monday meeting in front of a "full-house" of spectators, as the city is considering an update of their zoning regulations for the first time in almost 60 years.

Councilman At-Large Justin Harsha says there is the need of this special session even involving the public rebuke of a single provision within the 190 plus page document. That provision that brought about protest would limit the number of domestic pets that a resident could have.

Elizabeth Fields of McBride, David,and Clarion Corporation of Cincinnati reviewed and revised the zoning regulations.

Most of the council conceded that the overall zoning code should be passed with unanimous approval when the article addressing the number of animals per household is resolved. Council forwarded the zoning proposal for additional discussion and readings before bringing it up for a final vote.

The meeting concluded with passage of an ordinance providing continued funding for a reservoir catwalk repairs and improvements, along with city street drainage and waste water control.

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