It's Opening Day

Today is Opening Day for Major League Baseball. It's the earliest start in league history and, for the first time in 50 years, every team is playing their season opener on the same day. There's going to be wall-to-wall baseball if you want it.

Because Major League Baseball is, arguably, the most unpredictable sport of the major four in America, people who gamble early in the season have an advantage. In case you were interested in putting some money down -- legally, of course -- here's a rundown of the teams with the best odds to win the 2018 World Series:

1. Houston Astros: 11/2

2. Los Angeles Dodgers: 11/2

3. New York Yankees: 6/1

4. Chicago Cubs: 7/1

5. Cleveland Indians: 7/1


And, here are the teams with the worst odds:

26. Baltimore Orioles: 220/1

27. Cincinnati Reds: 300/1

28. Detroit Tigers: 500/1

29. Kansas City Royals: 500/1

30. Miami Marlins: 500/1 (Coed)

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