Retired Browns Tackle Joe Thomas Ate 4,200 Calories...On Inactive Days

A couple weeks ago, Cleveland Browns offensive tackle Joe Thomas retired from football. He is best known for his ironman record of 10,363 consecutive snaps without taking a play off.

He recently described the extreme measures he had to take to stay so big -- and durable on the field.

On days he didn't have games or practice, he still had to eat 4,200 calories.

He used to take an entire loaf of bread, make it all into peanut butter and jelly sandwiches -- and wash them down with whole milk.

In order to recover from practices, he would drink two big glasses of whole milk and a sleeve of thin mint Girl Scout cookies before bed just to maintain weight.

Now that he’s done playing, he doesn’t need to weigh 310 pounds anymore. So, he’s down to 280 and he’s looking to drop more. (For The Win)

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