Washington CH Council Applauds City Schools

(Pictured above: Left to right Council President Chrisman, WCH School Student Advisory Councilmembers Shlokansh Shah, Eli Lynch)

Wednesday's Washington Courthouse City Council meeting was short and to the point. Council approved resolutions authorizing City Manager Joseph Denen to a appoint Scott Dallmeyer to the city planning commission board as well as enter into an agreement for professional services with JRG Consulting.

The session ended with council expressing its support to the Washington Court House City Schools' "Restore the Roar" program. The bulk of the meeting consisted of a proclamation made by Shlokansh Shah and city council member Lynch’s grandson Eli Lynch- both of the superintendent’s advisory counsel for Washington Courthouse City Schools proclamation known as "Pay It Forward Week".

The meeting concluded with discussions continuing with regards to a city pool. The former municipal pool was closed and filled-in a few years ago.

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