State Capital Funds Coming to Area Counties

State Senator Bob Peterson and State Representative Gary Scherer have announced the introduction of the state's Capital Budget, a $2.6 billion investment in Ohio's infrastructure and local community projects. 

The proposed bill allocates in state funds for projects in Fayette County including the purchase and restoration of an historic building for the Historical Society, the construction of a new adult detention facility, and the addition of a playground to the Jeffersonville Community Park.

In Highland County including the purchase of food equipment for the Community Action Agency. This will allow the program serve more meals to individuals in need. The bill also includes improvements for the horse barn area of Kamp Dovetail, a railroad depot renovation in Leesburg, and the restoration of a covered bridge in Lynchburg.

In Clinton County including city park improvements in Wilmington; a joint fire district building; Fairgrounds improvements; a police and fire memorial; renovations of the Murphy Theatre; equipment updates at Wilmington Air Park; trail expansions; and a building project at Laurel Oaks Career Center.

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