FGL: To Play Free Show In Nashville

Florida Georgia Line has yet to announce any major tour plans for 2018, but the guys will play one special show in Nashville.  

On April 4th, the Tennessee Titans will unveil their first uniform change in almost two decades, and they plan to ring in the big moment with a street party headlined by FGL. 

Even though this show is a bit different than the arena and stadium dates that Florida Georgia Line has become accustomed to playing, the boys don't plan to cut any corners. According to Tyler, they plan to bring all the bells and whistles that fans associate with a Florida Georgia Line show, including pyrotechnics.

He said of the event, “We were like, ‘If we’re going to play Nashville, we need to do it right. Let’s rock this thing. We’re just jacked. Nashville is a bull's-eye for everyone to come to right now. Anytime we can represent the city and the Titans, we’re stepping our game up. We’re just thankful.” (Tennessean

The free event will kick off at 7 p.m. on Broadway, just blocks away from Tyler and Brian's restaurant, FGL House.

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