Willie Nelson: Last Man Standing

Willie Nelson has made it a tradition to release a new album for his birthday every year, and this year is no exception

On April 27th, just two days before his 85th birthday, Willie will release Last Man Standing. Like his previous album, God's Problem Child, this takes up the theme of mortality, with the title track's opening line, "I don't want to be the last man standing. Oh wait a minute, maybe I do."

Although Willie had to cancel his February shows due to a bout with the flu, he's scheduled to head back out on the road next month.

Last Man Standing:

  1. "Last Man Standing"
  2. "Don't Tell Noah"
  3. "Bad Breath"
  4. "Me and You"
  5. "Something You Get Through"
  6. "Ready to Roar"
  7. "Heaven Is Closed"
  8. "I Ain't Got Nothin'"
  9. "She Made My Day"
  10. "I'll Try to Do Better Next Time"
  11. "Very Far to Crawl"

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