College Professor Devotes His Life To Studying Jerks

Wouldn’t it be great if 2018 is better than 2017 was? The odds of that happening improve in a big way if you do a better job of avoiding jerks.

Well, a professor at Stanford University has spent the last decade studying jerks and has identified four different types. Do your best to avoid these in the coming months:

The Machiavellian. It’s all about self-interest and personal gain. And, these people don’t hide from their crappy behavior.

The Backstabber. This kind of jerk is more strategic. Why stab a person in the front, when you can be sneaky and stab them in the back?

The Purposefully Oblivious. This person acts as if they don’t know someone when they actually do. By pretending to not know, they give themselves permission to be a jerk because there’s not a personal relationship at stake.

The Clueless Jerk. This person honestly doesn’t realize they are acting horrible unless it’s pointed out to them. (Daily Mail)


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