Paws and Claws Christmas Celebration

Our four-legged friends will be in the spotlight for the Fifth Annual ‘A Paws and Claws Christmas Celebration and Special Adoption’, Saturday December 16th from 10am until  2pm at the  Fayette Regional Humane Society’s  Adoption  Center,  153 South  Main Street in Washington Court House.  

Guests  will be  welcomed with  holiday  cheer,  Christmas  tunes,  adorable  kittens,  and refreshments  provided  by  volunteers. All those  who  care  about  animals  are  invited  to come  and  meet  the  cats  and  kittens,  and  find  out  about  the  important work  of  the Fayette  Regional Humane  Society.  

The  Humane  Society  hopes  that  some  beautiful kittens  and  cats  will  find  new  loving homes  during the  event  before  Christmas.  Cats  and  Kittens will be available for a reduced adoption fee of $35 for kittens and $10 for cats,  which  includes  all current  vaccinations  and spay  or  neuter.

Several Humane  Society  branded  items  will be  on  display  for  sale including the  new colored hoodies.  The  2018 Pet  Calendars  and  Paws  Cause  Cards  will  also  be available."

The  Paws  Cause  Cards  are  only  $5 and have a lot of great discounts to several businesses around town with our newest additions such as Anytime Fitness, Waffle House, The Willow, El Cannon, Buckley Bros., Two Scoops of Sugar, and Our Place Restaurant”  said  Brad  Adams, outreach  director.

Admission  to  the  event  is  a  gift  for  the  kitties and puppies,  such  as  canned  and  dry food,  catnip,  toys  and  beds.  Bring wrapped  or unwrapped  toys  and  treats.  If you  bring a  wrapped  toy  or  treat,  take  the  time  to  sit  down  with  our   kitties  and  watch  them unwrap  their gift  (please  do  not  use  the  narrow  curling ribbon,  as  it  can  cause damage  to  the  cats  if swallowed.) 

Guests may  also  donate  to  help  homeless,  abused and  neglected  animals,  or  can   bring a  contribution  to  the  humane  society  for  animal  care  supplies.  The  feline residents need lots  of  everyday  necessities  such  as  bleach,  sanitizing wipes  and  baby  wipes,  laundry detergent, paper  towels,  bath  towels,  wash  clothes,  kitty  litter and  food.  Because  the Fayette  Regional Humane   Society  is  a  private,  non-profit  organization,  donations  from the  public  help  the  Society  to  care  for  the  many  animals  that needs  help. 

Outreach Director  Brad  Adams  says  this  will be  the  Humane  Society’s  fifth  year  holding this  event  for  the  public  to celebrate  Christmas  with  the  animals.  “We  want  it  to  be  a wonderful day  for  everyone,  including the  cats  who  are  hoping for  the  best  Christmas gift  of  all,  a  new  home." said Adams.

The Fayette Regional Humane Society is a non-profit (501(c)(3), volunteer organization. They receive less than 2% of support from governmental organizations and therefore must rely on donations, grants and fundraising to carry out their mission. The Humane Society is the only organization in Fayette County able to respond to calls about abused and neglected and domestic animals, 24 hours per day, seven days per week.  

You may learn more about the humane society by visiting their website at


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